Welcome to Johner Stock Farm Ltd!!! 

JSF started into the seed stock business in 1965.  From then the Polled Hereford herd was developed and over the years bulls were sold privately and later through bull sales, then our own bull sale and now we are again selling bulls privately from the yard.  We also held female production sales every second year.  JSF has produced influential herd bulls like Devo, Nibbs, Screech and Lucas. 

As Justin became more involved in the operation, we started into the purebred Angus business.  We developed a great bull market and had a good run with the blacks and reds.  We had an opportunity to disperse the herd privately so we took advantage of it!  That was the start of the Speckle Park breed for us and it’s been ever growing and we love being part of it!!

We have done our share of showing our cattle at many locations; Lloydminster Roundup, Saskatoon Fall Show, Farmfair, Denzil Stock Show, Denver and of course 45 years at the great Canadian Western Agirbition show.  It has helped our business immensely developing markets all over the world and we have met so many great people along the way.

Our operation is always open for your inspection and we love to visit with you, so please feel free to contact us!  We are still solid in the Polled Hereford breeding stock and our Speckle Park breed is on a roll - a breed with a great future!

We keep busy with our land base of 5000 acres and usually close to 500 head of cattle and a great farming operation, but never to busy for a tour and a visit! 

              -The Johner Crew